Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/30/13 Run Like a Fool 5K

My second time here.  My 75th 5K.  Two loops around Capitol Lake plus a little more to make it an accurate distance.  $25 including a long sleeve shirt is a reasonable price.  Still getting my speed back.  Killer workout on Tuesday and I can feel a little soreness in my quads.  Goal is to beat my time from the Friendship Run  of two weeks ago (23:12) and hopefully get in under 23:00.

Weather is amazing.  Mostly sunny and cool to start. Nice to run a 1.5 mile warm up loop with Tammy and Amy.  Now some sprints to get ready to race.

Start - Race starts on time and I have positioned myself well, allowing the fast guys to be in front.  Bill and Wade go off faster than I would like.  Amy is already a speck in the distance.  I feel like I am running fast enough (I am on a good pace) and will stick with it.

Mile 1 - 7:20.  Bill continues to extend his lead.  It is all I can do to hold my pace.

Mile 2 - Pass two runners.  Slowing a little and I am not sure if it is my legs or my breathing that is the limiting factor today.  Feet feel really good though and I am happy to be here.

Mile 3 - I hear a runner thundering up behind me and he passes me on to a strong finish. Not one of the two I had passed earlier.  Now I just try to hold on and finish strong.

Mile 3.1 (3.08 on the GPS) - Done. Under my time goal.  Slower than last year, but right about where I expected to be.  Cool down loop with Amy gets me 6 miles for the morning.

I get a ribbon and a Cliff Bar for earning 3rd place in my age group.  At the raffles I win an assortment of Gatorade products.  The bag is heavy and has about $20 worth of drinks, gels, powders and such.  It was nice to be out in the sun, warming up, with the other runners, having the satisfaction of a good workout done.  Amy does a crazy dance to win a prize.  I do not care for this Capitol Lake course, I have done it too many times, but they do such a nice job with this race that I will look forward to running it again.

12th of 167 runners and walkers
3rd of 9 in age group

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Amy N. said...

It is always a pleasure to see you at the race. I'm glad that even though I disturbed your pre race meditation you still were able to get a strong performance in!

I must admit I've started avoiding the lake while running during training because it's overdone in the area. Oh well, at least I always know exactly what to expect come race day!