Sunday, March 17, 2013

3/17/13 Frienship Run 5K

10th annual event and my 6th time here.  This event keeps growing. Not so happy about it being moved from early February to mid March and from Saturday to Sunday.  Biggest gripe is the major increase in price. I am paying double what I paid last year, but it is still a very nice event.  And this year we get socks.  I know that the parking lot will fill, so I get there plenty early.  Strong breezes make it seem very cold, but at least it will be dry.  I contemplate hat and gloves but decide to just run fast to keep warm.

I have been able to do some speed work in the last two weeks and things are feeling good.  Maybe I can match last year's time (22:23) but probably not.  My warm up is OK but not great.  I just don't feel super speedy and I think that the cold wind is part of the problem.

Start - I position well and start off with no problems.  Step over the metal fence curbing, make all the early sharp turns, hope over the asphalt curb and wind up the paved trail.  Plenty of room to run now.  One kid does not seem to want me to pass him.  He speeds up as I catch up and when I do pull almost even, he comes toward me as if to block me out on the narrow trial.  I have to wait a few seconds and make my move again.  This time I break free.

Mile 1 - Missed my split time.  Too many ups and downs and twists and turns.  I feel OK but my legs are a little tired.  Get passed by a stroller.  Sharp turn to the left, then another left to return on the road that is parallel to the trail. 

Mile 2 - Gradually pass a kid.  Now a guy just a little younger than me.  He stays on my tail and is making all kinds of hard work noises.  His ragged breathing sounds like how I feel.  My breath is OK but my legs are tired and my brain starts feeling foggy when I try to speed up and get some distance from him.  Up the steep hill to the overpass.  Its alright if he passes me, but he does not.  I try to pick it up on the bridge.  I won't mind if he gets me here, but he does not.  Now the steep downhill.  He will probably get me here, but no.  No cars to stop us this year (thanks volunteers) I keep on as best I can knowing that the end is near but that I will not beat last year's time.

Mile 3.1( Finish) - Up that last hill.  Sprint hard so that terrible breathing guy does not get me. Bob Martin sighting. In to the finish (3.02 on the GPS) and three of us look like we might vomit.  Everyone recovers alright and then it is cheer on the others and wait for raffles and awards.  So many great raffles, but alas I do not win anything.  Fun time today though and pleased with the results.  Same finish time as 2004.

9th of 218 (many walkers)
1 of 8 in age group
Race#289, 5K#74

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Amy N. said...

I hate when races get more expensive, especially ones you've done for so long.

Great job though! Every race report you post makes me happy that your back! Hopefully I'll see you at run like a fool!