Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/21/07 Lakefair 8K

Remembering last year's hot weather, today is looking much finer though still warm. Jody, Jared (3K) Billy and Tammy. A favorite local race with a good turn out.

Start - Had a good warm up and ready charge out of the gate. Flat and around the lake.

Mile 3 - Mile markers are off and/or my GPS is off. They indicate that I am slowing but I am doing the best I can. Fun to see others at the turn around. Billy is npot far behind.

Mile 4 - Warm now. Still running strong. Watch does not seem right, just focus on running.

Finish - Turn that last corner and I can see the clock up ahead. It looks like I can acheive a PR. What a great feeling. In fact I do turn it on at the end and finish in record time. Awesome. Now wait for the others and then wait forever for the results/awards.

50th of 327

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