Sunday, May 21, 2000

5/21/00 Capital City Marathon

Put in long months of training for this. The move to Olympia in 1999 shortened my commute and gave me much more time for running. Lots of training runs with James and Raymond. Would like to break 4 hours. Warm and sunny.

Mile 10 - Chugging along with James. Trying to keep the pace around 9/mile but it feels so good and is hard to hold back.

Mile 16 - Losing James, he is slipping back and slowing. It is getting tough but I am hanging in there.

Mile 20 - No walking yet, only at water stations

Mile 22 - Woman passed out on the side of the road. Someone attending to her.

Mile 25.5 - First ever Bob Dolphin sighting. Looked him up after the race because I was impressed with his time for such an "old guy"

Mile 26.2 - done!! A little wobbly. Hands on volunteers shoulders as she cuts my timing chip off. Made it without walking. Took a whole minute off my best time. Wait for James. Wait for James. Finally here is is. We head to the medical tent where he gets an IV. That guy sure does sweat!!

278th of 497

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