Monday, June 6, 2016

6/4/16 Runn for Rett 5K

I love this little race.  My 4th time here.  I am going to be slow, but I am happy just to be here.  Eight days ago I was a half mile into an easy run and was stopped by sudden and severe back pain.  I think it was the worst back pain I have ever had.  Frustrating to not know what made it happen.  I had to cancel my race plans for last weekend.  Ice, heat, gentle stretching and it gradually got better.  I took five days off from running and eased back into it two days ago.  Things feel fine this morning, so here I am.

Sunny and going to be warm.  $30 day of race includes a very nice T-shirt.  Chip timing by the BuDu people is new this year.  Easy warm up and I notice that arrows are pointed in a different direction than last year.  Confirm with the RD and yes we are going to run the course in reverse from last year.  Good to know, not that it makes much of a difference.  It will be well marked, staffed with volunteers and even have a bicycle club to lead the front runners.  With the course set up this way, we will get the hill done first, then have a nice downhill followed by two miles of flat.  1.5 mile easy warm up.

Start - Off we go right on time.  Lots of kids and it is a little crowded, but we make the first turn OK and there is room to pass.  Around the Historical Park and then up the hill.  Warm but at least it is shaded here.  Pass the small kids on the uphill.  Then the sharp turn and head downhill on the sidewalk and road.

Mile 1 - 7:50 mile.  I had been at 8:19 pace at the top of the hill, but made up the time on the downhill.  Now Martinho catches me.  We run together. My pace is a little inconsistent as I speed up, then slow, but overall I am feeling OK and hanging in there.

Mile 2 - Still with Martinho.  We saw Jo, the overall winner, way ahead of everyone, on the out and back.  And then there was Loren who will win the men's race.  Good for him!  At the aid station I try to drink and run and get a nose full of water. 

Mile 2.5 - Still side by side with Martinho. It does not occur to me that he is just running with me for fun.  The paved trail along the lake goes really well.  I finally feel like my legs are functioning right and somewhat fast.  Ready to be done though.

Mile 2.9 - Turn to the finish.  I tell Martinho that I want to see his sprint, but he says that we will stay together.  But then a kid passes us and it is game on, at least for Martinho.  They go off and I have no chance of keeping up.  I realize that I can not beat 24:00 so I coast in and finish strong enough.

Mile 3.1 - 3.14 on the GPS.  Results are printed out right away.  Awards ceremony is done without delay, before the kids run.  I get a tumbler for second in my age group. 

Fun morning, another nice Run for Rett.

22nd of 125
Race#391, 5K#102, Run for Rett#4

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