Friday, January 1, 2016

1/1/16 Steilacoom 5 miler

14th time racing on January first.  Pre registered and easy to get up here for the 9AM start.  Great to see old friends, continuing racing into another year.

New chip timing should really speed up results.

Super cold.  About 25 degrees at the start, sunny and frosty but not too slippery.  Will have to watch for ice spots though.  I decide to wear tights along with jacket hat and gloves.  Rare to race in long pants, but it is just so cold.  Start warming up at 8:40 AM and a couple of loops around the track have me ready to run.

Start - Smaller crowd than previous years, with many people doing the 5K.  Still packed on the track.  We get going OK and I only have to pass a couple of people to reach my desired pace.

Mile 0.15 - Just after rounding the track I can feel stress/pain in my left ankle.  No warning, warm up was fine, I have not felt anything like this in a while.  It is not so bad, I just keep running and hope it goes away.

Mile 1.0 - 7:45 - Left ankle bothers off and on, but it is not stopping me, or slowing me much.  So cold, it is harder to catch my breath than normal.  Pass a couple of people and now gaining on Mike Henderson.

Mile 1.55 - Mike reaches the turn around for the 5K race and I have no one to follow.  Working hard and glad that I only have one mile till my turn around.  Lose some speed on the little uphills.  One guy about my age gradually catches me.  We will go back and forth and spur each other on for the next couple of miles.

Mile 2.5 - Turn around and now more downs than ups.  Every time I try to speed up I am only good for a few steps and then my breathing gets me and I just can not keep moving my legs so fast. Not having a great run today.

Mile 4 - Still pushing hard but I don't think that I can beat last years time, which was my slowest here.  Do my best and hit the track for a decent finish.  Never find that fast gear though.

Mile 5 - Mile 5.06 on the GPS.  Cross the finish.  Ankle seems OK.  Hurts a little with some movements, I think some rest will make it fine.  My slowest time on this course, but still nice to get out and race on the first day.

New Garmin Fenix 3 watch, with lots of features.  It kept track of my mile split times which were:
Mile 1 - 7:44
Mile 2 - 7:52
Mile 3 - 8:02
Mile 4 - 7:43
Mile 5 - 7:50
Mile 0.06 - 26 sec

32nd of 91

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