Monday, June 8, 2015

6/6/15 Run for Rett 5K

Third time here at this 6th annual event.  I really like this little race. It is a fundraiser, but also raises awareness about Rett Syndrome.  There are Rett families and Rett girls there and it is a fun sunny atmosphere. Tumwater Historical Park is a good place to stage a small race. $30 Day of race includes a T-shirt, a sturdy shopping bag and a wrist band for my collection.

Lots of sun today.  9AM start and it is warming up.  I get here early enough to jog the whole course.  Joe Schrum sighting.  I checked my times for previous years (22:21 in 2010) and I think 23:01 on this new tougher course in 2013.  I feel like I should be able to be in the 22 something range.

Martinho is here, saying that he has done no speedwork lately.  Should be a good race, but I expect him to beat me on the uphill after mile 2.  There is a clown here with giant clown shoes.  I tell her that I like her shoes and she says that she got them at a big shoe sale.

Start - Small group of regular racers, a couple of people who will be way ahead of me.  Lots of slower runners and walkers.  There is also a 3K run and walk.  The start is on the wide part of the parking area and we have a good tenth of a mile before we skinny down to the paved path.  I go out fast.

Mile 0.5 - With Martinho.  Around the bend then onto Deschutes Parkway sidewalk.  Surge to pass a couple of people.  Really going too fast.

Mile 1 - 7:09  Not feeling great but the speed is there.  Keep trying to go fast and this is not great fun.  Martinho a few steps ahead of me.  Two people I had passed now get past me, looking comfortable.  Slow for water at the turn around.

Mile 2 - 14:49 - Gradually catch up to two women who are just out running, not part of the race.  Wow, they are going fast for a training run.  Huff and puff past them, right on Martinho's tail.

Mile 2.3 - But now comes the hill and more open sunshine.  Martinho gets farther ahead and I will not be able to keep up.  Manage to get up the hill and make the sharp turn.  Now shaded but a little too steep down.  Start looking at the watch and wondering if I can beat 23:00.  Doubtful but I don't give up.

Mile 2.8 - Onto the gravel path in the sun.  It is just too far around this field.  I am determined to beat 23:00 and I work really hard.  It is so hot though.  And just too far.  I make the final turn to the finish and realize that I won't make my goal.

Mile 3.11 - 3.11 on the GPS (certified course too) As I cross the finish I see my watch says 23:07 but I don't get it turned off until 23:11.  I will have to wait for my official time.  I should have asked Craig who is doing a great job of timing as usual, but I guess that I will have to wait for results to be posted.  I feel disappointed with my time and I should not be, with this heat and somewhat tired legs.  Later I recheck my previous results and see that I ran 23:19 in 2013.  So today is a course record and that makes me feel better.

Kids run is fun to watch.

I win second in my age group for the 5K and get a $5 card to Twisties froyo.

14th of 96
Race#358, 5K#92, Run for Rett #3

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