Saturday, March 28, 2015

3/28/15 Hop for Hunger 5K in Yelm

3rd annual event but my first time here.  $15DOR (plus canned food donation) with in bib chip timing by Budu racing.  I get to Ridgeline Middle School early enough that they have not yet blocked off the parking lot.  Soon everyone else will have to go somewhere else to park and walk in a little way.  I have given myself an hour to get registered and do a nice long warm up.

It rained just a little on the way here, but now it is dry with a little wind and the potential for a shower.

Warm up goes well enough.  I am not very confident today.  Yesterday I cut my run short, just feeling very worn down.  I have a bit of a cold, but mostly I am tired from a 20 miler on Tuesday and a fun 2 hour trail run on Thursday.  Today will get me over 50 miles for the second week in a row.  I am averaging 42 miles per week so far this year.  No pains or worries, just some tiredness.  By the 8:30 start time I have put in over two miles and I am ready to go.

But the race will start late.  Long line still at the registration table.  It moves fast enough though and we get going about 15 minutes late.  I have kept doing some sprints to stay ready to go.  Now we crowd into the narrow starting chute.  Lots of kids and families here.  Just a few speedsters.  I am very close to the front and remind myself that after the narrow start it will open up wide into the parking lot and there will be plenty of time for passing if these kids take off like I suspect they will.

Start - Smooth for me.  A few youngsters bolt past me, but I have room to run. Left turn around the school.  I see that we will turn right shortly and I make a move to get ahead of three people, before hitting the tangent.  On the sidewalk, down the road and then we cross the big road (thank you volunteers).  Left onto the Yelm/Tenino Trail (paved)

Mile 0.5 - Flat route out.  I feel like I am running an even pace and I feel good.  Cross little George Road, where I spent some time a few weeks ago.  Pass one woman, but feeling like we are getting spread out.  I am sure that someone is near behind me, but I can not sense them.  Two people walking on the trail, one of them has two dogs on long leashes.  I have to almost go off the pavement to get around them.

Mile 1.25 - Jesse Stevick sighting.  I grunt for him.  Another fast guy coming towards me, then a Jenny Stevick sighting.  Been catching up to a young guy with a grey sweatshirt, but he looks back and then picks up the pace.  Turn around is very well marked.  The trail is blocked with signs and lots of chalk on the ground.  Happy to be heading back and wondering if/when I will tire and fall apart.

Mile 2 - So many slower people coming towards me, some are four across on the trail.  A couple of kids are running towards me on my right, while most everyone is on my left.  Not too hard to negotiate though. Pass one guy, but he will stay right behind me.  Now a little tailwind and I feel a bit of strength and go faster. Nice patch of speed, I get my average pace a little faster.  I know that I will not be able to hold this, but there is not much farther to go.

Mile 2.5 - Off the trail.  The guy in front of me is careful to fully cross the little road and get on the sidewalk before crossing the main road.  I could cut 10 feet off of the distance if I cut this corner, but I decide to do what he did, and hope that the guy behind me does the same thing.  Now up the little hill with the wind in my face.  It is hard but not so bad.  I want to finish under 24 minutes and it looks like I will.  With two turns to go in the parking lot I have two minutes to make my goal and I think that is doable.  Make the final turn, see the finish clock and sprint in to the finish line.

Finish - Run strong past the chip mat and then shut off my watch.  3.13 miles on the GPS, very accurate and fast course.  Happy with my time and especially with how the legs felt.  A few seconds faster than my last two 5K races.  I am planning to run another 5K next Saturday, so today was good training for that.

I would definitely run this one again.

11th of 161

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