Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/6/14 Saint Martins Jingle Bell Run 5K

My second time here.  Last year was super cold, this year it will be wet with light rain and a few puddles, but not too bad.  Last year I came in 39th of 577 but so many of those were walkers.  This year they are having a "Competitive 5K - under 30 minute finish time" at 9AM, with the 5K fun run and 1.55 mile walk starting at 9:45AM.  I remember that last year I lapped a few walkers and had to negotiate my way around them, so I guess this will be better.

Pricey but a nice long sleeve T-shirt, chip timing and warm staging area in the gym.  8:35 I head out to warm up.  Things feel good.  I had a very good recovery from the marathon that was 8 days ago.  I have not done a 5K in over three months, so I expect to be a little slow.  I am not concerned with my finish time, just want to have a good solid run and speed effort.

Start - Crowded like last year.  I am near the front though and it is a smooth start.  Road widens and we are free to run our own pace.  Catch Mike Henderson and will go back and forth with him the whole way.  Erick Lindburgh is just ahead, but he will stay that way, good for him.

Mile 1.55 - End of first loop.  I joke that I did not know that we had to run it again and somebody laughs.  Too hard to breathe though for much talking.  Legs are good but I have a little side stitch and and breathing so hard, that is my limiting factor.  To be expected, my not being in 5K shape.

Mile 2 - Back and forth with a bunch of people, I am being passed more than I am passing people though.  Kali Walker sighting.  I run faster on the pavement, and then am careful on the grass and trail.  Mike catches me for good this time.  I follow him through the short but very nice conifer needle lined trail.  I just can not catch my breath enough to pick up the pace.  On to the pavement and the finish.  Through the line of cheerleaders and done.

Mile 3.1 - (3.09 on the GPS).  I do not even think about a cool down run.  I start breathing better and walk back to the course before the finish.  Cheer on other runners.  Soon the clock is reading 30 minutes and the last stragglers are coming through.  It is all over so soon.  I go inside for a cookie and to check results on the laptops.  Now I really should go jog a mile, but I am wet and a little cold and just don't feel like it.

Slower than last year, but I am pleased with my run. 

23:18 (7:30 per mile pace)
62nd of 204 competitive runners
5th of 15 in age group (40-49)
Saint Martins Jingle Bell Run 5K #2

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