Monday, July 7, 2014

7/4/14 4 on the 4th - Steailacoom

4th of July tradition that I have not done since 2008.  A week ago I figured that I would slip out of the sleeping Hood Canal house early and be back as people were just getting up.  Then Tammy mentioned wanting to do the race and that she would make Bill do it.  Since the three of us planned to run it, Jody joined in.  Then to my great surprise I learned that Jared and Kay would also join in the fun.  Jared and Kay drove up from Oly and the four "adults" left the Canal at 7AM in plenty of time for the 9AM start.

$12.69 pre-registered price.  Nice weather, a little warm in the sun.  Much larger crowd than I expected.  There is now a 4th of July race in DuPont and Tacoma, but lots of runners here, plus the whole parade and marketplace thing going on.  Bill and I warm up for a good mile and a half and then wait for the start.  Lots of running friends here.  Fun to see Jeff, a graduate of mine, who later discovered that he is really fast.

Start - It is crowded but we move off alright.  Screaming downhill, I try to reign it in a little.  See Bill ahead and keep him a few feet behind me.

Mile 0.5 - Ha, there is Tammy.  She went flying for the first bit.  I pass her and dodge a few people to keep up with Bill.

Mile 1.0 - 7:15 - I was expecting faster, with the downhill and by my effort.  It is only going to slow from here.  I put on a sprint, intending to get even with Bill and run with him.  But I feel like I want to extend the sprint and I get a few steps ahead of him.

Mile 2.0 - 2.1 on the GPS.  The turn around is father along that in the previous years that I have run this.  But perhaps they moved the start up a little too.  With the same little pack.  Reach the turn around and head back.

Mile 3.0 - Bill on my tail.  A little kid putting on spurts and trying to block any of us who try to pass him.  He makes it difficult for me to run the tangents.

Mile 3.5 - I slow on the uphill and Bill passes me.  I knew that he would do that. I picture all his biking giving him better strength up the hills.  I yell something about "not so fast" and put on my own surge.  I get past him, but it was too much for me, I am toast.  I keep trying, but he extends the lead and beats me by about 9 seconds.

Finish - Mile 4.0 - 4.15 on the GPS.  I had hoped and expected to be under a 7:30/mile pace.  Based on the GPS my pace was 7:35/mile.  Based on a 4 mile course, my pace was 7:52/mile.  No aches or pains, and no huge fatigue, just not able to run fast today.  Fun time going back and forth with Bill and I am not sore that he beat me.  Cheer on Jody, Kay and and Jared.

31:24 but I suspect a long course
82nd of 371 
8th of 19 in age group
Race #330 
4 on the Fourth # 9

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