Saturday, February 1, 2014

2/1/14 Geoduck Gallop 10K

Last minute decision to run this one.  I have not been here for a couple of years.  Actually I have been protesting the short course on the half marathon.  Since I ran a 50K last week, I will do the shorter 10K today.

Good news: the course for both the 10K and half marathon have been re certified and the length fixed. Day of race entry is $35 and gets me a nice bottle opener finishers medal and a T-shirt.  As I pick up my number I ask the volunteer if it is OK for me to trot instead of gallop.  He quickly replies that although trotting is usually reserved for Thanksgiving races (Turkey Trots) it will be allowed today at this gallop race.

Great to have an indoor area for number pick up, restrooms and waiting around.  I have raced here before where we have been outside in freezing cold the whole time and this is quite an improvement.

Rain earlier and cold.  Puddles to look out for, but it is dry now.  I will wear a hat and gloves the whole way.  I also borrow Jody's Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks shirt.  Superbowl is tomorrow.  When people comment on my shirt I tell them that I am planning to run really fast and scramble around for about twenty yards and then head off course, out of bounds.  It will be fun to rest tomorrow and watch the game, getting in a good workout today.  Photos by Holly.

Not sure how the legs will do. I really do not know what pace to target.  Martinho is here, so I plan to start behind him and see if I can keep up.

Start - The new start line is super wide and the course will narrow down considerably right away.  You can see the chalk start line in this photo.  Within a very short distance we will be on a wide sidewalk that can hold two runners comfortably.  I should line up in the front but I end up a couple of people back.  When we start it is very difficult to get running.  I try to be patient and look for openings that will not be too rude. Keep telling myself that there will be plenty of time and room to run my own race soon enough.

Mile 0.5 - On to the roads and room to run.  Martinho is about 25 yards ahead of me.

Mile 1 - 7:28 - Martinho still 25 yards ahead.

Mile 3 - 7:30 pace - Steady running.  I feel good.  Try to catch up to Martinho but just can not do it. Nice rural roads with no traffic.

Mile 4 - Oh the big very steep downhill and then the killer uphill.  There are some people who will not run this race because of this hill.  Right now I can not blame them.  I am still running but I might as well be walking.  Really tough.  Breathing is ragged.  I get to the top but my legs are shot.  I just can not get into running strong again.  Overall pace at 7:41 per mile.  At the aid station at the top of the hill I actually stop and drink some gatorade.  Give myself just a few seconds for my heart rate to settle down and I take off again.  A guy almost passes me but as we hit a slight downhill and then turn onto the bike path, I get back into the groove.

Mile 5 - Ready to be done, but generally OK.  I should get in under 48 minutes and I am really happy with that.  Volunteers point the way where the course confuses me and soon it is all over.

Mile 6.22 - Finish - 6.17 on the GPS.  Congratulate Martinho who had picked up the pace and finished much better than I did.  Thanks to Rich, Bill and Holly for volunteering. Fun morning. Quick posting of results and I get a ribbon for first in my age group.

10th of 73
Race #318, 10K#28

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