Saturday, August 31, 2013

8-31-13 Over the Narrows Ten Mile Race

Fourth annual event and my 4th time here.  I am a legacy runner.  Last year I was having foot issues and took it nice and easy, having a fun time with some friends.  Today I would like to run faster.  Not PR fast, but hopefully in the 1:18-1:19 time frame.  I surprised myself at the 5K two weeks ago, hopefully I can set it up here too.

Easy parking this year. Bright sunshine at the start.  Martinho and I compare sunglasses.

Start - I know that the course will narrow down soon after the start, so I line up close to the front.  Chip timing only at the finish is another reason to be near the front, but the race is not huge, so it really does not make much of a difference.  Smooth start even with the turns in the parking lot.

Mile 1 - Gentle downhill in 7:15.  Run with Martinho

Mile 2 - Still going downhill and running too fast.  I do not feel at my best today.  Working hard to keep this pace.  And now the sharp turn and instant steep uphill.  Steepest hill of the race and it gets me good.  Hang on and keep going. Martinho gets ahead of me and I will watch him gradually extend his lead for the next 8 miles.

Mile 3.5 - On to the bridge.  Bright sun and warm.  Sweating and feeling the heat.  Long down hill.

Mile 4.8 - Lead runner coming back.  It is Miguel and he has a tremendous lead.

Mile 4.9 - No Pedro, no Ginger.  Big uphill.  Hills!!  That last 5K was so flat.  That 12 hour race was so flat.  That speed work I have been doing was largely on flats.  I need to get back to the hills.  Well today will help.

Mile 5.3 - Here is the turn around.  I had forgotten about the shorter way back.  Great downhill but still not feeling so good.  Worried about the last hills.  Judy Fischer sighting.

Mile 7 - See the 5K runners coming toward me.  They have a different start and finish area which must make logistics difficult.  Still a well organized event put on by the Rotary Club. $30 with medal and chip timing and a no T-shirt option.  Proceeds to aid school children.

Mile 8 - Holding on OK.  Nobody is passing me though there are two guys on my tail and now after the steep downhill, we have a two mile climb.  Both guys pass me and I wonder how many more will get me on this uphill.  I have slowed a lot since the start, but I am not losing it completely.  Keep working hard.  I don't think that I will beat 1:20, that is a bit slower than I had wanted today.

Mile 8.5 - Wondering if anyone is behind me.  I do not want to look back, as that is such a sign of weakness.  A woman in a car is giving a "woot, woot, woot" for the two guys who are ahead of me.  Now silence, then she gives me the "woot woot woot".  Now I will be able to tell how far back the next person is without looking back.  As I am running hard, I am also listening and waiting for it.....good it has been at least ten "woot, woot woot".  The next runner should not be a challenge for me if I can keep up this pace.  In fact no one else does pass me as I cruise on in.

Mile 10 - 10.0 on the GPS.  Not even close to 1:20 but I am happy with the workout.  Just not my day, but not so far off from where I should/would like to be.  I think that the lack of hill training did me in and I can work on that for the next races.

Maybe a 5K in the near future, then the Bellingham Bay Marathon on 9/29

47th place of 325
Race#301, Over the Narrows #4

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Ginger Gruber said...

First time I've missed this race. Agreed about the hills! You will get more speed this fall. I'll be watching for you at the races :)