Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/23/13 Resolution Run 15K

My 287th race, but only my 2nd 15K.  I had no plans to be here today, but my recovery from the marathon of last week went much better than expected.  On Thursday I was thinking about the weekend and that a good ten mile effort with no walk breaks would be a good work out.  Then the rest of my family had plans, so I was free to race.  The 15K is 9.33 miles and will be more fun that running alone.

There was a huge windy rain storm all day Friday, but now it is mostly clear skies.  In fact I will wish that I had sunglasses at times. Cool and a little breeze but nothing to complain about.  No real racing goals.  I would like to be around a nine minute mile.  Ideally I will run the second half faster than the first half.  Same old out and back course that I have done so many times.  Fun to see Maniacs and Oly area runners.

Start - No warm up and I start way in the back.  Probably a 10-15 second differential between my watch, which I start when I get to the start line, and the official time.  Around the track and up the hill.  I am right at a nine minute pace but it feels easier than that.  Gradually I speed up to about 8:50 pace, which is where I am at when I see the first mile marker.

Mile 1 to Mile 4.665 - In a big pack.  No hurry to pass people, but I do pass some when there is an easy opportunity.  Really nice to be out in the sunshine and feeling good.  I gradually get just a little faster.  It is a good steady pace, working hard but it is sustainable.  I can see Maniac Nancy up ahead and I want to run with her, but I take my time and reel her in slowly.  We run together to the turn around.  8:47 overall average pace at the turn around. I tell her that I plan to negative split.  Secretly I am not so sure that I will be able to.  In my return from injury I have been taking so many walk breaks in all of my runs for the past few months.  Plus I ran a marathon seven days ago.  I expect to get real tired and that is fine.

Mile 4.665 to 15K -So I set out a little faster and keep an eye on my overall average pace.  8:47 drops to 8:45, then to 8:43.  Working harder, but it feels good.  Runners are spread out and now I am playing catch and pass.  8:39 and with every person that I pass, it gets just a little more difficult.  Bro Terry sighting.  Now the only real uphill on the way back.  I slow a little but it is not so bad and I know that there are some nice downhills coming up.  Pass a few more people and it is 8:35 overall pace.  Two guys up ahead and less than two miles to go.  I can't believe that I am thinking about age group results and wondering if they are in my age group.  This is turning into a wonderful race.  I will have the negative split no problem and I probably will not be passed by anyone in the second half.  If I can catch these two guys, one of them may come back to get me, and I still fear falling apart, but I am truckin right along.  Pass both of them and then run scared that they will get me. 8:31 pace.  I can not help but look back at one of the last turns and it looks like I am OK. Cruise on in to a happy finish.

Results pending, but I did get a third in age group ribbon
First Half: 41:05, Second Half: 38:27
36 of 83
Race#287, 15K#2


Amy N. said...

Congratulations on making your goals! You're getting stronger every week!

lizzie lee said...

great job Andy. That uphill on the way back is horrendous!!!