Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/5/12 Race Against Crime 5K

Last minute decision to run this one.  I have not done a 5K in four months and have not done any speed training, so I expect to be well off my best.  This will get me some forced speed work for the week. I ran the 10K here two years ago. Day of race registration costs and extra $5 but I also get $5 off as a Club Oly member.  $25 includes a T-shirt.

Hot one.  Really hot.  Bright sun, no wind, and probably about 80 degrees.  The start is at 9:15AM.  It will reach 90 later in the day.  The crows in Rainier Vista Park in  Lacey all have their beaks open in a cooling posture.

My warm up is not so good.  I get in two miles and try to pick up the pace, but just do not feel like I have any speed.

Start - I line up directly behind the front row.  Lots of slower and more casual runners, plus more of the faster ones probably are running the 10K which started five minutes ago.  I should place well, maybe get an age group award.  It is a smooth start and I go out at a good clip, but not too fast.

Mile 1 - 7:18.  Really warm now.  Dump water on my head.  Turn right on to the paved trail. Shaded but not much relief.

Mile 1.55 - Turn around.  I am just behind one guy.  No one very close behind me though.  I am ahead of the first woman and quite a ways ahead of the next man.

Mile 2 - Holding steady pace but it is not easy.  I pass the one guy and can only hope that he will not challenge me later.  We are all spread out and as long as the one guy does not catch back up, no one will.  But I will not pass anyone else, the leaders are far out of sight.  Struggle along the road and bring it on home at a steady pace.

Mile 3 - Turn into the park.  Quick look to see that no one is close behind me.  Been thinking that I might be able to beat 23 minutes.  Now I see that it will be close.  I try to go faster, but just do not have the power.

Mile 3.1 - Finish in 23:05.  My slowest road 5K in quite a while but 7th out of 98 looks great.   Terra Perkins expertly places my tag on the results board.  Another volunteer hands me a cold wet cloth which is a wonderful treat.  I walk back to watch the others and the 10K finish.  Stick around to get my giant gaudy ribbon.

7th place of 98
Race#276, 5K#70

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