Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1/12 Run Like a Fool 5K

Second annual event, my first time here.  But not my first time at this course.  Two loops plus a little bit to make a 5K around Capitol Lake.  Back in August I ran 38 laps around this lake (almost 59 miles) and I am still traumatized from that event.  I don't know how this short race will go today, I am still feeling the effects of the 50K from seven days ago.  That one took me almost seven hours to complete and the whole week to recover from.  I will just have fun with it and see what the legs can do. 

It has been so wet and rainy lately.  More rain forecast and at 6AM it was coming down hard.  But now we get a little break at just the right time.  The sun is out, with clouds all around, and there is some wind.  At 8AM I am wishing that we did not have to wait an hour for the start, lets run while it is dry.  I do my regular warm up and feel pretty good.

Start - A bit more wind and a little shower that stops just as we get going.  Nice turn out, but not too many speedy runners.  I line up in the second row, the people behind me do not look like they will be running over me at any point.  Haley does the countdown and off we go.

Mile 0.5 - Bill is racing today and he pulls ahead of me here.  I will keep close to him with the hopes of passing him later.

Mile 1.0 - Volunteer says that we are at 6:52.  I am able to maintain for a while and then I start slowing a bit.  Martinho passes me.

Mile 2.0 - On the second lap and we are lapping some of the walkers.  I put on a surge to try to catch Bill. Get a little closer but not enough.  That about does me in and I know that I will not beat him.  I don't have a ton of motivation today (have to save something for Boston) and I feel a little something in my left achilles/heel.  Felt the same thing during yesterday's run.  I have had it before and am not worried, I will rest and ice it and it will be fine.  But right now it is another reason to not push it so hard at the end.

Mile 3.1 - Finish with a little sprint.  I know that I slowed some in the last mile but no one passed me.  3.09 on the GPS.  Take an easy lap around the lake to cool off and I walk the last part in.  Great amount and variety of post race food.

I was able to get Brooks Running to contribute a certificate for a pair of shoes to be raffled off today.  It is fun to see that get awarded.  Some kind of glitch with the age group awards and they are not able to give those out.  I will have to wait to see the results on line later.  Now it is time for a serious taper and rest up for the Boston Marathon in 15 days.  Thanks Terra for the photos.

Results posted this afternoon - 19th of 208 overall, 5th of 13 in age group

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Amy N. said...

Great race! Most people wouldn't be walking a week after doing 50!