Sunday, March 4, 2012

3/3/12 Donut Dash 5K

First time event put on by Club Oly.  This was supposed to coincide with the opening of the new Children's Museum and we would be able to use the facilities there, however the building is still under construction, so we were outside for all activities.  Good thing the weather was nice.  Just a little breeze, but no rain.  Another little 5K close to home, no big deal, until it was announced that Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall would be there.  Asics and South Sound Running set him up in an area where he could greet fans.  He also had some words for the kids and started the kids race.  I was hoping that he would race the 5K so that I could see him in action, but it was cool anyway to meet him and wish him well in London this Summer.  I expect that I will be between 22:00 and 23:00 today.

Start - Nice big crowd.  I set in about 3 rows back, behind people that I know are faster than me.  We start on the wide road and there is plenty of room to set off at a good pace.  A turn and over some railroad tracks that I do not like but do not cause trouble.

Mile 0.5 - Running alongside a very small kid.  Later I will learn that he is 9 years old.  I think that he is going too fast, but he will go on to finish not too far behind me.  I catch up to Martinho and we run together a bit.  It is funny with all these people here and yet again I am right with Martino and there is Erick Lindburgh just ahead of us. 

Mile 1 - 7 minutes flat.  Now on Eastbay road and heading uphill.  The other times I have raced here it has been early in the marathon and I am at an easy conversational pace.  Working hard here today.  I feel pretty good though and move past Martinho and Erick.  Knowing that they are behind me will give me more incentive to not let up one bit.

Mile 2ish - Cross Eastbay and head back downhill.  Jody volunteering here and snapping a photo.  Now I feel the head wind.  It is not so bad but I wish that I could draft off someone.  I keep passing and then get passed by two guys about my age.  Feel good and keeping a steady pace, but every time my mind wanders a little one of these guys catches me.  Need to just focus on maintaining the speed.

Mile 2.64 - Just happen to look at the watch here and see the distance.  Half mile to go, just keep running strong.  Right turn and then we are really getting close to the finish.  Still with these two guys but no sign of Martinho or Erick.  Push on and wonder if I could get in under 22 minutes.

Mile 3 - Almost there.  Make the final turn and I can see the clock at 21:52 but it is not so close.  Last big sprint and I see the clock flip to 22:00 as I cross the line.  I did not quite get under 22:00 but I was right at the best of my predicted time.  3.12 miles on the GPS.  I grab a donut and head off to the other race in Oly today, the Mountain Marathon.  I do my cool down by running the first/last mile or so of that course a couple of times and cheer on the finishers.

27th of 298    3rd of 14 in age group
Race # 264
 5K# 69

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Amy N. said...

Great job Andy! It was a great race and made me wish I was racing! Way to go beating Martinho, the rivalry continues!