Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/27/11 Run Like a Dog 5K

Nice day for a local 5K that is run about five miles from my house. I contemplate running to the race and running home, but decide that I do not need so many miles. I am ahead of my mileage goal for August already and still a litle worn out from the 12 hour race that was two weeks ago. $25 day of race entry fee gets me a cool looking cotton T-shirt and a bag full of items for the dog. I could have also gotten a T-shirt for my dog, but opted out of that. I left the old dog at home today, since I would like to run faster than he can handle these days. It is partly cloudy and after a mile and half warm up I am sweating, but it is not very hot.

Start - My third time here and each time I have the same worry about the crowded start line and the large number of dogs. We run in the parking lot, make a very quick turn and then it narrows onto the paved Chehalis Western trail. It could be a tangle of leashes and mayhem if we are not all careful. I start near the front. It is very crowded but we negotiate the first couple of hundred feet and make it to the trail OK.

Mile 0.5 - Places are sorting out. I am passing people and being passed. Now only one dog in front of me. One guy blocks me in as I try to pass on the inside curve of the trail. Frustrating, I have to go around him the other way. Two people on bikes are trying to come the other way on the trail. Not a good time for that, but I get past them OK.

Mile 1 - 6:40. Much faster than I wanted to go. Now all I can do is see if I can hold it together. Turn onto the road and one guy tries to pass me. I stay with him and we run side by side.

Mile 2 - Still running with the guy. Every once in a while one of us gets a few steps ahead, but then the other of us catches up. Plenty of open room to run now. Its great to have someone right with me, I am sure that I would not be going as fast without the competition.

Mile 2.5 - Back onto the trail on this lollipop course. Some dog walkers still heading out and I have to watch for the dogs that are on long leashes. I am still well under 7/mile pace and still with the guy. I do not care if he beats me, I am happy enough with my own time. I will not beat my time here from 2 years ago, but it might be close. Up a little hill and he gets a few steps ahead of me for good. But no one else passes me at any point after the first mile.

Mile 3.1 - I turn it on for a good sprint to the finish. I feel like the race went very well, but I could have done better. Not at my best today, but fairly close. GPS reads 3.04 as does Marhtino's. Fun to run with him and see other friends there. I stay for the awards and raffles but do not win anything. I really like how so many non racers and casual runners come out for this with their dogs for a fun morning. The proceeds benefit the Humane Society which is a plus too.

21st place of 348 runners and walkers
Race# 247, 5K #62, Run Like a Dog #3

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