Sunday, June 12, 2011

6/12/11 Evergreen Classic 5K

A little stiff from yesterday's hard race but could not resist a small local event. Some discomfort in my right foot that I hope will go away as I loosen up. Smaller turn out than last year. Sunny but not too warm.

Start - Line up just behind Craig. Tell him that I will let him take the lead for now :). Smooth start on time. Foot feels fine and soon I am going too fast.

Mile 0.5 - Through and around two parking lots. Catch Ruhamma who started even faster than me. Sharp turns then a straight section where I can see ahead and all of the runners in front of me. I am in 11th place. Not so far behind one runner, but she is not getting any closer.

Mile 1.5 - Slowing down some and now a steepish uphill that really slows me. Shaded back country road. Do I hear footsteps behind me? Quick look back at a turn tells me that no one is close.

Mile 2.5 - Back to campus and I am able to pick up the pace a little.

Mile 3.1 - Hard to run so fast, but the race is over so quickly. I end with the same overall pace that I had for yesterday's 7.5 mile race. Ran all alone for the last 2.5 miles. Good effort this weekend, and I feel a little beat up. Will take extra rest this week as I think about the Vancouver USA Marathon to be held in seven days.

Win a one hour massage at the race raffles, which I am happy to give to Jody. Quick look at the results board before I leave. It has me in 11th place which I believe is correct, but my time is not right. The person in 10th place is listed with the time that I know I finished in, and my time is listed as almost a minute later than what I know I ran, probably what the 12th place person finished in. I hope they fix that, but it does not really matter.

22:42 (watch time and I am sure this is correct)
11th of 50
Race #239, 5K#61, Evergreen Classic#2

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