Saturday, March 13, 2010

3-13-10 Run For Luck 10K

My 6th year in a row doing this race. With the six hour ultra last week and the new Rock Candy Mountain 8 mile trail race tomorrow, running today was iffy. But I feel good, enjoy this race and Bill is hoping that I can pace him to a PR. I know the course well and have a plan for today. Its cool and a little breezy. I can't decide between a rain jacket and sunglasses and finally take neither with me. Dry for now with fat dark clouds around.
Start - Line up near the front and off we go. Really try to not go out too fast. Bill and I plan to run 7:32/mile as long as we can. At the half mile mark we are right on pace. Most of the runners are doing the 5K, and that route turns south on the paved trail, where we turn to the north. I can't hear anyone behind us and there is one kid up ahead. Other front runners are way ahead already, so it is just me and Bill.
Mile 2 - Right on pace. It is getting a little more difficult however. Breathing is fine but the big muscles are still sore from last Saturday's 32.9 mile run. Definitely running on tired legs, but not too bad.
Mile 4 - 10Ks are really hard. Still with Bill, and now we have caught up to the kid. The three of us trying to hold on. Headwind now that we are on the way back. Not super strong but it is a factor. At times Bill pulls ahead by a little and I wonder if this will finally be the race that he beats me. I start to dread my planned surge at mile 5. The course is mostly flat with one good bump on the bridge over the Yelm Highway. I want to run mostly with Bill and help him get his PR, but I also want to beat him and I do not trust my finishing kick. I decided about a week ago that I would drop the hammer at about mile 5 on that uphill and run as fast as I can for the last mile, hopefully pulling away enough to break him. But now that the time is approaching I am not looking forward to it. I am already digging deep just to hold the pace, how can I dig any deeper?
Mile 5 - Bill has pulled ahead on the downhill prior to the bridge. I have to speed up just to get even with him. The kid is still with us. Now it is time and I make my move with a yell. Run as hard as I can up over the bridge. This is intensely difficult. I told myself that this would be the toughest mile of the week if not the toughest thing I have to do all week. Soon the breathing is ragged and I feel like vomiting. Don't let up the intensity but I know that I am slowing down to some degree. Finally the turn to the final quarter mile and a quick peek back shows Bill far enough away that I am confident of finishing before him. I listen for footsteps just in case and continue to run as fast as possible. Then the last turn to the finish and enter the chute.
Finish - Turn around and watch Bill come in ten seconds later. He got his PR with even pacing. I ended up two seconds faster than last year and a nice negative split. We go inside for potato soup, raffles and ribbons.


6th place of 69, first in age group
Race#189, 10K #26, Run For Luck #6


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