Friday, January 1, 2010

1/1/2010 Steilacoom 5 Miles

My fifth consecutive New Years Day five mile race at Steilacoom. My 7th time doing this race. My ninth New Years Day race. Previous times here:

2000 - 37:00

2004 - 39:13

2006 - 37:32

2007 - 36:18

2008 - 35:33

2009 - 37:44

I have not done any fast running since November and have had minor recovery issues from my last race, so I really do not know how fast I can go today. Plus with the late night last night, this race is just difficult to predict. At least I made it to the start line and I feel good. It is windy and threatening to rain. I will go out at a 7:30/mile pace and try to hold that, unless I feel like I can go faster.

Start - Large crowd and I am farther back than I should be. Have to pick my way around some runners, but I take my time and gradually find my pace.

Mile 1 - Running with M1074, but she pulls ahead some and I let her go.

Mile 2 - Slowly gaining on M844, run with him a bit then pass him. He jokes that I am trying to get revenge for the Rainier Round Up of 5 years ago. That was really funny. But soon I am struggling to maintain pace and the negativity arrives.

Mile 3- It is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude. I am not getting passed, and I am holding pace, but it is very hard and not fun to do so. I have not raced this distance much lately and it has been a long time since I have had these feelings. I remind myself that this is part of red lining. I am right on the edge. I can ease back just a tiny bit and feel better, or pick it up and fall apart completely. It is a battle of breathe and legs and willpower and I play back and forth on either side of the edge. Hearing M844 just behind me compels me to work harder. Seeing my pace maintain, allows me to not stress or struggle as much.

Mile 3.5 - Gradually catch up to M726. We encourage each other as best we can and note how tough this distance is.

Mile 4.5 - Pass M726 and finish as strong as I can down the hill and onto the track. Very difficult going but I managed to pass a couple of people in the second half and not get passed at all myself. Try to speed up around the track and finish strong.


58th of 162 runners, 8 of 11 in age group


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