Saturday, August 22, 2009

8/22/09 Run Like a Dog 5K

Earlier this year I did not think I would be running any short races. The faster pace was causing my plantar faciitis to flare up. That problem has been resolved and I am so happy to be running strong with no injuries. I have not done any speed work or short races since July 4, so I don't have expectations of a fast time today. Just running for the fun and to get in that faster workout. A good sized group of pals is training for the Portland Marathon and they have a twenty mile long run today starting at 6AM. I don't want to miss that fun so I join them for the first five miles, then head off to South Bay good and warmed up.

I left the old dog at home this time so I could run faster. Looks like this race has doubled in size since I ran it two years ago. A few familiar faces, but mostly people I do not know and lots of dogs. "A big dog party". I run a few strides to get my speed up and I feel very good. It is misting and cool, perfect running conditions.

Start - I do not feel especially competitive so I line up behind some runners, but ahead of the dogs. Knowing there are many dogs behind me, I think I will pretend that they are chasing me; that is good for getting the adrenaline flowing. Off we go. Through the parking lot, sharp left turn, across the street, then skinny down onto the Chehalis Western Trail. Paved trail that I run on often. It is about one car lane wide and we are fairly crowded together. I pass a few runners but will not struggle through the crowd. Things will open up eventually.

Mile 1 - 6:40 pace - faster than I should be going but it feels fine. Focus on form. Let the hips carry the legs. Keep breathing deeply. Just thinking about form and breathe makes me run faster. I am able to surge a little. Turn off the trail and onto a country road. Runners stringing out now. Pass a couple more, then it is a ways to see the next guy.

Mile 2 - Breathe has gotten ragged. Slight uphill has me slowing down. Average pace is at 6:50. Legs feel great, breathing is difficult. I hope I can hold on to a sub 7/mile pace. Looping back to the trail, there are some slow dogs still coming at me and I have to dodge a few of them.

Mile 2.8 - Almost catch a kid in front of me but he puts on a burst and I can not keep up. Starting to feel nauseous. Will be glad for this to be over. Average pace at 6:55. Should be around 21:30 minutes which is fine. Turn on the power as best I can, cross the street, through the parking lot and am shocked to see the clock at 20:45 as I cross the line.

Mile 3.00 or Mile 3.1? - GPS reads 3.00 and I had been pacing off of that, not looking at overall time. Course is supposed to be a 5K (3.11 miles) and if it was, then I had an unexpectedly fast time. Either way I am pleased with the run. Fun time and good cause (Humane Society). Race is cheap, close to home and I got a nice goody bag of stuff for me and the dog. Over a minute faster than I ran the same course two years ago and also over a minute faster than my last 5K.


16th of 282

2nd fastest 5K out of 48 run so far

Race #171


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