Monday, September 3, 2007

9/3/07 Labor Day Classic Elma 3 miles

Bob Green race at Vance Creek Park. I wanted to come cheer Billy doing his first triathlon and saw the short 3 mile race as a nice option that would not wear me out for Skagit. What is up with the 3 mile distance? Why not a standard 5K (3.1 miles)? I never did ask Bob. This would be my first and maybe only race at this distance. With the typical turnout I had a possibility of winning overall. Pleasant weather. Good easy warm up.

Start - Who are these four young fit looking guys? I ask and find out that they are the Elma boys cross country team here to run the 3 miler as a training run. Darn it!!

Mile 1 - I'm in 5 th place with the Elma team all ahead of me. Course is out and back on a country road, mostly flat. Running smoothly.

Mile 2 - Pass one team member, I'm not going to catch the others

Mile 3 - Done so soon. I congratulate each runner who beat me and talk cross country for a bit. I had missed the swim and start of the bike portion of the tri.

Best part of the day was cheering Billy to start the run, then jogging down the course a half mile to be the only spectator and cheering section for all the runners. I tried my best to keep them moving to the finish with a smile. Once I was over my dissapointment with the stiff competition in my race, I had a most enjoyable day.

20:20 (6:51 pace)
4th of 9 runners

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