Saturday, April 7, 2007

4/7/07 Easter Marathon

I like the idea of a training run of 26 miles about six weeks prior to a real marathon race. Time for a low key Bob Green race as part of CCM training. Problem is though that I taper a bit and think about the race and feel like I could run well, so why not go for it? Light rain.

Start - Small group. Who are these people in funny yellow shirts? Marathon Maniacs? What is up with that?

Mile 1-17 - Might as well be on a solo training run. See photo. Nice to have Billy and Tammy drive by a few times to cheer.

Mile 18 - Uh oh, getting tired. I did run 55 miles last week.

Mile 21 - Give up on PR and shoot for staying under 4 hours.

Mile 26.2 - Hop across the finish line. Always satisfying.

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