Saturday, February 24, 2007

2/24/07 Resolution Run 15 miles

Goal: sub 2 hours, that is an 8min/mile pace. The 15 and 20 mile Resolution Runs are not for the casual runner. At that distance the racers are spread out and most of them are very very fast. The course is boring. Great mental training for longer distances however. What could make this even tougher? How about a steady rain? Wearing my rain jacket the whole way.

Mile 7.7 - Say hi to Cherish. Gosh, she is not far behand me, so cool to see her training for her forst marathon and doing great. Natural talent.

Mile 12 - Some bad patches. Struggle through.

Mile 14.75 - Tiring but now on the track. I can always run once around the track. Love seeing that clock and knowing that I will PR!! Dry off and warm up.

70 of 115

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