Saturday, November 1, 2003

11/1/03 Run Them Out of Government 5K

New race for Olympia (Washington state capital) and I am not sure what to make of it. It is near election day and the title of the race "Run Them Out of Government" is funny. But as we register we are told to write down our least favorite politician and they will tally the votes and announce who we most want to boot from office. I just want to race, I am not here to make a political statement. Jody is with me. This is my third race in three weeks and I love racing again even though I feel slow. It is bitter cold out.
Start - Out and back course. We get a nice downhill to start
Mile 1.5 - Flat area around the lake
Mile 2.5 - Uh oh. We have to run back up this sucker. Steep hill up to the Capitol steps. Try tp hold on and struggle to the end.
Mile 3.1 - A little dissapointed by finishing 8 seconds slower than last week. But it is colder and that hill at the end was a killer. I head back down the hill to encourage others, especially Jody.
32nd place of 115

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