Saturday, July 19, 2003

7/19/03 Lakefair 8K

Forgive me reader, it has been nine months since my last race. After struggling for too long with the foot pain, plantar faciitis, I was so discouraged and almost quit running altogether. It was at a neighborhood holiday party that Raymond encouraged and convinced me to go see a podiatrist. After getting a referal from my primary care physician I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Terrance Hess. "Since running is your thing, we better get you running again". Two shots of cortisone and a fitting for custom orthodics. Then a long slow rehab as my feet gradually adjusted to the orthodic inserts. It took about six months before I felt comfortable running. I know I have lost a ton of speed but I do not care. I will just be happy to be out there today. Bright sun.
Start - This is my first ever 8K race. That is 4.98 miles. I don't know why they do not call it a 5 miler. Good crowd and off we go.
Mile 2 - There is my student, Ryan, waving to me from a truck. I feel proud that he sees me running. Too bad I am not going very fast.
Mile 3 - Very bright sun. I wish I had sunglasses. Getting warm too.
Mile 4.98 - Done. Not entirely happy with my time or pacing, but really glad to be back and feeling good.
135 of 288

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