Saturday, June 8, 2002

6/8/02 Sound to Narrows 12K

Big time race for Tacoma with years of history. I have never run a 12K before, but the time seems right. Park at a nearby church for a small donation and head to the big field. Military runners are just finishing. Next they announce the Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital race. Row of little kids with crutches and braces and all sorts of physical issues. Instant tears down my face. So sad, but great to see them moving as best they can. Wow I was not expecting that. OK time to watch the Green Wave go. Fast guys. Now it is my turn. Weather is cool and nice for running.
Start - Huge group in my wave. I start near the front. Hoping to beat one hour. Off we go down the big hill. First mile is all downhill and very fast.
Mile 1.25 - Kachunga. Sudden uphill through the zoo parking lot.
Mile 2-6 - I've driven 5 mile drive before but never ran it. Had no idea it was so hilly. This is one tough course. Big bowl out of the park, laughably steep (ed. note - who would have ever thought that six years later I would run here as mile 14 of a marathon and look at this as just another ho hum hill?) Now up the long hill I came down at the start. Still a huge crowd. I have a chance to break one hour, but maybe not.
Mile 7.44 - Finished!! Really fun time. Find my student Stu, great to see him. I am going to tell people that I completed the race in 59 minutes and 80 seconds.

751st of 3500

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