Saturday, October 28, 2000

10/28/00 Ghostmuster 5K

Small race in the scary town of Tenino. I just raced a week ago, but I don't see a problem with running hard again so soon. Some people are in costume. Lots of kids dressed up and a one mile fun run too. Gusty winds.
Start - Starting in the school parking lot. Nice to have a warm dry area for the post race awards.
Mile 1 - Good flat course. I like this race
Mile 2.2 - Should be almost over. I am close to the finish line, working hard. But wait. We are directed away now, running on the road around the big field. It is depressing to have so much farther to go.
Finish - Finally back to the school. I should have held my pace better. 55 seconds faster than last week, due to the flatter course I guess. This was really fun and I will plan to come back next year.
21st place of 90

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